Eleven of the Best Dachshund Memes Ever!

Get in Loser… We’re Going to PetSmart!


I Toldz U… Iz DACHSHUND… Not “Weenie Dog”!


Donuts? What Donuts?


I Don’t Always Bark… But When I Do, It’s for Nothing.

What Are You Going to do With Those Nail Clippers? I Thought This Was A Belly Rub!


Most Days vs. School Picture Day!


Silence is Golden. Unless You Have A Dachshund. Then Silence is Suspicious. Very, Very Suspicious.


Every Meal You Make. Every Bite You Take… I’ll Be Watching You!


Do I Just Like to Play Fetch? Or Am I Unable to Stop Playing?


Honey Badger Don’t Care? Bitch Please… I was Bred to Hunt You!


Miniature Dachshund… The Real Me!

The Doxie Files